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Splash Software, Houston,TX is a solution provider for SharePoint  , Office 365 , Access Services SQL Web Apps ,Relational Database Management Systems,
Wireless Development of SharePoint and Office 365 smart phone apps. SharePoint public facing website development.
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What is SharePoint? Simply put, SharePoint is an all-in-one
solution to the communication problems between project
members; an enterprise management system to work within
your company intranet.

SharePoint is a fresh approach to working together. It offers a
new way to collaborate with others, organize teams, projects,
materials and documents. SharePoint connects people and
information. Within your SharePoint site members work
together on ideas and documents, share calendars and much
more. SharePoint becomes the single source for materials and
communications related to your company’s projects.

SharePoint is also a social platform; members can blog and
build relationships to better understand one another and work
together more effectively. Your employees can even collaborate
and coordinate with members of other projects, building
synergy within your organization. With SharePoint users can
easily publish content from any Microsoft Office application,
and, with just a few clicks, share these documents with
individuals both inside and outside your organization.  
We are a full service Database Design and Programming

We deliver
Microsoft SharePoint , MS Office 365 and  Access
Services  SQL Web Apps
 powered office business applications
and mobile phone apps , that provide your  workforce with
access to company information and resources where ever they
might be.

We have partnered with Microsoft, to provide a rich interface
SharePoint functionality,and a development platform that
can be extended to create advanced office or mobile

Contact Us  and let us show you how through software
development we can automate your data flow in all aspects of
your business, get the competitive edge through innovation
Our SharePoint services include, but not limited to the following:

Business Analysis Capacity Planning

Architecture & Prototyping Development

Deployment & Training Continuous Support Public Facing SharePoint Website
Access Services SQL Apps

The ability to take pictures and have them upload automatically from the device to a
SharePoint List.

Microsoft Exchange

At Splash will take all of your company’s needs into consideration when customizing a
SharePoint solution. Our goal is to ensure that we will save your company valuable man
hours, and facilitate smooth communication amongst staff and management. The
dedicated team of experts at Splash can help you to install and customize your SharePoint
environment to meet your organizations unique requirements.
Smartphone/Tablet Access to MS Office 365 , SharePoint and
Access Services SQL Web Apps
Empower your Mobile Workforce

Deliver rich mobile SharePoint sites and business applications that work across the
leading smart phone platforms including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android,
Palm WebOS and Symbian devices.

Smart phones and mobile devices are fast becoming a platform of choice for building
business productivity applications that reach an increasingly mobile workforce

SharePoint Foundation 2013 and  SharePoint Server 2013

Access Services SQL Server 2013 Web Apps
SharePoint Enterprise Edition Development

Smart Phone and Tablet App Development

MS Office 365

Nationwide Service
We can link your accounting software,
including the popular QuickBooks to our
cloud based solutions, including but not
limited to SharePoint, MS Access, Access
Services. View your QuickBooks data
whereever you are, on your laptop, smart
phone, or at home on a desktop.
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